Chris’ camping experiences were few and far between when we met. He’ll play any sport - rain, shine, snow or sleet and he’ll run outside through all of the seasons, but just being in the great outdoors when he’s not fully active, doesn’t come as naturally to him. He’s a city boy, through and through! However, he’s always keen to try something new and despite some of our earlier, not so great, camping experiences, getting a trailer was actually his idea!



I grew up camping - travelling across Canada and spending summers at a trailer park - for the first 10 years of my life. After that, we still tent camped both as a family and with the Girl Guides. When I left home, camping was about all I could afford when contemplating a vacation, so I invested in some reasonable equipment and camped with friends, when I wanted to get away.



Daisy is our first puppy! We had cats for 21 years and after we said goodbye to them, we decided to get a dog (or at least, Chris and the kids decided they wanted a dog and worked very hard to convince me!). Daisy turned one in July 2018 and she is the sweetest, most lovable (and loved!) dog around. She’s brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought was imaginable!