This is Holly!

Holly is our 2018 16 ft Bambi Airstream. We travelled all the way from Ottawa to London, Ontario to bring her home the weekend of June 23, 2018. She’s a pretty sweet little trailer, with ALL of the amenities of home. Which is fine with us - we’re not really back country or canoe campers and we like many of our amenities! Holly lets us get out of the city, explore new places, see the stars and breath fresh air. She also keeps us cool when it’s roasting hot out or warm when it’s chilly. She keeps us nice and dry when it rains and gives us a comfy bed to sleep in at night. She offers us a slower pace and the opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories. She’s made to travel and that’s what we intend to do!

Naming Holly

In the early 1990’s, there was a jazz band called the Holly Cole Trio, and I was very fond of them. A few weeks after being introduced to Chris, I found out that the trio was going to be playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival (2 hours from home) and mentioned to Chris that I would love to see them. He arranged with our mutual friend to go, bought the tickets, sorted out the logistics and drove us to Montreal. It was a terrific concert that we both thoroughly enjoyed! It was only months later, after we’d been dating more seriously, that I learned he had never heard of the Holly Cole Trio, but went to all of the trouble to go because he really liked me! We were married two years later and danced our first dance to our favourite Holly Cole Trio song.

Choosing Holly

We’ve tent camped since we met. A little more frequently before kids than after kids. Most of our trips have involved some amount of thunder and lightning, rain, mud and being perpetually wet. There have been other mishaps also (car alarms in the wee hours, bug bites, poisonous caterpillars…). Add to the fact that our kids played competitive sports all summer, we never became really efficient at packing up and getting out. A few years ago, I suggested that we should visit a bunch of provincial parks for our holidays. The kids unanimously agreed that our family camping days were over, but Chris said he would consider camping again in a trailer. So, I decided I wanted an Airstream… and then convinced him!